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One Half Slab of Ribs 15.99
Serves one generously

Grilled Pork Chops 14.99

Smoked Chicken Leg & Thigh Platter 8.99

Smoked Chicken Breast Platter 9.99

Baby Back Ribs half rack 14.99 full rack 23.99

The most tender ribs around

Full Slab of Ribs 26.99
Large enough to serve two

Smoked 1/2 Chicken Platter 13.99
Smoked leg, thigh and breast

Sampler Platter #1 17.99
Two pit smoked ribs, pit smoked chicken leg & thigh, brisket or pulled pork substitute: breast for leg & thigh 1.00 substitute: pork chop for leg & thigh 1.00

Sampler Platter #2 14.99
Two ribs, chicken leg & thigh or pork chop substitute: breast for leg & thigh 1.00

our Menu

Ribs, chicken and samplers are served with texas toast and your choice of 2 sides:

coleslaw, potato salad, bbq beans, applesauce, cottage cheese or vegetable of the day

Our famous ribs are hand rubbed with secret spices and slow-cooked in our wood smokers.

Slab ribs are from a large pig and not sauced like a baby back. Baby backs are the most tender.

Fully cooked pit smoked ribs, and chicken are always slightly pink towards the bone.