Texas Ribs and BBQ
Steaks - Ribs - Chops - Chicken
And the Best Seafood this side of Texas
7701 Old Branch Ave, Clinton, MD 20735 
 301 - 877 - 0323

Open 11:00am Every Day
Close 10:00pm Monday thru Saturday - Sunday 9:00pm

Soups & Salads
Desserts & Beverages

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Texas Ribs began in 1986 in a BBQ trailer. Then we opened Texas Ribs located on Route 925 thanks to you. We've traveled near and far to develop a unique flavor in all of our foods. We have developed a special "dry rub" consisting of many different spices that are put on all of our meats before smoking. We use only the finest quality pork ribs, smothering them in our special "dry rub" and smoke them four to six long hours until tender. The Brisket, a specialty at Texas Ribs, takes a full 16 hours of smoking. In the Chesapeake Bay BBQ Contest at Love Point our Brisket took First Place. The BBQ beans are made with lots of spices, sugars, honey, onions, beef and pork for that special Texas flavor.

Here at Texas Ribs and BBQ we take great pride in our food and service.
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