July 18, 2019 - Thursday




 ​​Dinner Specials Tonight   (4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.)


Smoked Wings  
Five whole Chicken wings (not cut), rubbed with our special dry rub and slow smoked in our Ole Hickory
smoker! "Yummy just the way they are or with BBQ sauce"
  Creamy Chicken & Wild Rice .......................... cup $3.99 bowl $5.99


 NY Strip Burger  
In house ground NY STRIP half lb burger cooked to your liking this is the most juiciest burger I have ever tasted.
We suggest you eat it plain to experience this out of this world burger, or top with your favorite toppings, served
with fries and your choice of side
 $ 15.99  
  Fried Chicken  
Our deep fried honey marinated half chicken or two piece dark or white meat served with fries, your choice of
side and grilled Texas toast.
 Half $14.99 White $9.99 Dark $8.99
  Baby back & Fries  
One half slab of our fall off the bones baby backs smothered in our sweet sauce served with fries, your choice of
side and grilled Texas toast.
Texas Brisket Platter 
A half lb serving of our1st place Brisket "Chesapeake BBQ Contest", creamy cole slaw, BBQ beans, fries and
deep fried hush puppies
 BBQ Chicken & Bacon Salad  
Grilled BBQ Chicken breast, lathered in sweet sauce topped on our western salad with bacon and served with
your favorite dressing."We recommend the ranch!"
Chefs Salad  
Ham and turkey with hard boiled eggs, bacon bits, cheddar cheese and toasted croutons on top of our house
salad with your choice of dressing.
  Tiger Meat Sandwich  
The best of both worlds slow smoked beef brisket & pork tenderloin served on kaiser roll served with fries and
choice of side. Our Mom called this "Tiger meat"!
  Salisbury Steak  
homemade salisbury steak topped wth fried onions served with freshmade mash taters and gravy, choice of side
and grilled Texas toast
 $ 10.99
Turkey Club  
Sliced Turkey topped with bacon, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, piled high on a Texas Toast served with fries
and your choice of side
 $ 10.99  
Western Trail Sloppy Joe
Sloppy Joe style but with a Southwestern flair! Served with fries, your choice of side and pickles.







Vegetable of the day, Cole Slaw, Potato Salad, BBQ Beans,

Apple Sauce, Cottage Cheese and New Macaroni Salad!








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