MAY 22, 2019





 ​​Dinner Specials Tonight   (4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.)


Citrus Grilled Chicken Nachos 
we use fresh squeezed lime's and six secret spices marinate white chicken meat over night grilled to order. put over a bed of
rainbow tortilla chip's, nacho chez, tomato's, onion's, jalapeño's and shredded lettuce served with sour cream and salsa..
 $ 9.99  
Smoked Wings  
Five whole Chicken wings (not cut), rubbed with our special dry rub and slow smoked in our Ole Hickory smoker! "Yummy
just the way they are or with BBQ sauce"
Ham & Bean Soup .................................... cup $3.99 or bowl $5.99
  Bourbon Steak  
A hand cut half lb Flat iron steak trimmed to perfection mopped in bourbon sauce and served with fresh made mac-n-chez,
choice of side and grilled Texas toast.
  Baby back & Mac  
Half rack of our sweet sauced baby backs served with fresh made mac-n-cheese, your choice of side and Texas toast.
 Brisket & Mac  
Our 1st place Brisket "Chesapeake BBQ Contest" served with fresh made mac-n-cheese, your choice of side and grilled
Texas toast.
  Fried Chicken & Mac  
Our deep fried honey marinated half chicken or two piece dark or white meat served with fresh made mac-n-chez, choice of
side and grilled Texas toast.
 Half $14.99 White $9.99 Dark $8.99
  Stuffed Green Peppers  
Two green peppers stuffed with beef, rice, onions and cheddar jack cheese, served with sliced tomato, and grilled Texas
Chefs Salad  
Ham and turkey with hard boiled eggs, bacon bits, cheddar cheese and toasted croutons on top of our house salad with your
choice of dressing.
  North Carolina Pulled Pork Platter  
A hefty serving of our NC pulled pork, creamy cole slaw, BBQ beans, fries and deep fried hush puppies
Hot Pastrami Sandwich 
This ain't no NY style sandwich, it's TEXAS style! We take hot pastrami, hand cut it and pile it high on rye, top it off with cole
slaw and russian dressing, then serve it with fries and your choice of side.
  Meatloaf Platter  
Sonny's original recipe, served with fresh made mashed potatoes, gravy, your choice of side & grilled Texas toast.
Sloppy Joe  
Our own recipe piled high on toasted kaiser roll served with french fries, choice of side & pickle.
" Just like Mom use to make!"
Chicken & Sausage Gumbo  
Our special recipe of smoked chicken & sausage over rice served with deep fried hush puppies








Vegetable of the day, Cole Slaw, Potato Salad, BBQ Beans,

Apple Sauce, Cottage Cheese and New Macaroni Salad!



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