Our mission, when we first opened our doors, was to introduce people to genuine Texas style BBQ. We wanted to build a few pits, feed some people and, hopefully make a living doing it. Over the years, without even realizing what was happening; our mission was being formed all on its own. We had become something so much more important than a simple BBQ joint.

People come here for a variety of reasons that include but are not limited to eating. It may be as simple as celebrating a birthday or it may be as monumental as getting your name on the Organ Transplant List. For some, it's a game win, a promotion or an anniversary. While for others, it's a final round of chemo, a wedding planning meeting or a quick bite to eat for one of our military personnel from Joint Base Andrews.

The reason that people come to Texas Ribs & BBQ is to share a part of their lives with each other in a comfortable place where they feel welcomed. We are honored to be that place to so many wonderful customers!

Our story

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Our mission

Danny Sager started Texas Ribs in 1986 in a BBQ trailer. Then he opened Texas Ribs located on Route 925; Texas Ribs in Smallwood Shopping Center; and Texas Ribs & BBQ in Clinton. He traveled both near and far to develop a unique flavor in all of our foods. All of our Pits are designed for that authentic Texas flavor. We have developed a special Dry Rub consisting of many different spices that is put on all of our meats before smoking. We use only the finest quality all-pork ribs, smother them in our special Dry Rub, and smoke them four to six long hours until tender. Our famous "First Place Chesapeake BBQ Contest" winning brisket is smoked for a slow sixteen hours to reach that melt in your mouth tenderness that only First Place gets you. Our sweet potatoes are cooked for three hours in the smoker to create that unique enhanced flavor you just can't get anywhere else. Our soups, chili, potato salad, coleslaw, BBQ beans, chicken salad, tuna salad, pulled pork, and pulled chicken are all freshly made in house by our kitchen staff, and our highly experienced Pit Master can really put the smoke on the meat! Having accomplished his dream of bringing the true taste of authentic Texas BBQ to his hometown, he then reopened the Twin Kiss Restaurant in Southern Maryland. Danny got bit by the competition bug, and he has spent the last several years in serious competition throughout the Southeast United States. The result of this venture is evident at the Clinton restaurant with the display of ribbons, awards, trophies, and commendations for his efforts. He still competes on occasion, spreading his love of Texas BBQ one rib at a time.